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I have recently added the Paypal subscription button, which is a lot easier for everyone as it means that when you click and pay through this service, Paypal will automatcially take payment from you each month for your kit.


Your subscription is for 6 months , HOWEVER it is set on a rolling contract so you will need to contact me to stop your payments after the 6 months have finished should you wish to do so.

If you are currently still on the invoice plan I will continue to send you an invoice via Paypal on the 22nd of every month and you are responsible for then paying this.


If you subscribe, the kits will go down in price from £21 to only £20 per month but usual postage costs will be added to the invoice. This will be based on whatever you choose as your first delivery option when purchasing the subscription.


Please let me know if you are having trouble paying for a kit, I can help you out and i'd rather be in that position than holding a kit that wont be purchased.


Aswell as Paypal, we can now offer you the chance to pay your subscription bill by setting up a standing order via your bank. If you wish to do this, please contact me for details.