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We are a UK based scrapbook kit supply team with years of papercrafting experience between us.

Our aim is to inspire you, in unique ways, to enjoy the kits and use them to create layouts and albums to record your special memories ;)

By Emma & Di, Jun 2 2017 08:35AM

Good morning Crafters!!!

Today I've finally got around to uploading my Youtube video showing off all of the kits that I created last month using my May scrapbook and embellishment kits.

I completed 14 single layouts overall and one double page.... I was shcoked too when I counted them up!

So here it is just for you:




By Emma & Di, May 31 2017 06:54PM

Good evening crafters...

Tonight im sharing the Youtube unboxing video with you all.

I do admit, its much easier doing the videos when you have someone watching over the internet to tlak to and ask questions as youre going along, making the live feeds on the facebook group much more natural for me.

Anyways, here it is... I hope you love it and if you havent subscribed to our Youtube channel yet, please do so, so that you dont minss out... i've got another couple of videos coming in the week, in the way of a May kill the kit video and also a process video using the new June kit and the mixed media elements also.

Please also feel free to give the video a thumbs up so that i know youve watched it or liked it ;)

If you havent bought your kit yet, you can still get yourself a scrapbook kit or mixed media kit over in the shop and these are ready for immediate posting.

I will also be adding the July pre order option to the shop in the morning so that if you have missed out on the embellishment kits for this monthm you could order early to avoid disappointment next time.

Enough waffling from me, heres the youtube video for you:

By Emma & Di, May 29 2017 08:23AM

Good morning Crafters....

Today I want to share some exciting news with you.... I was asked, about a month ago to be a guest designer for the Scraphappy group and to take part in their LOAD challenge by providing the inspiration for one of the days.


The theme this LOAD is Movies, I was given the Matrix and a prompt from Alice to think about unexpected things happening and how you would never of imagined one thing would lead to something bigger or better.

I decided to film myself as I put my layout together so thoguth I would share that here with you guys, its not kit related and doesnt use any of our products, instead I've used old stuff from my stash, but thgouth you might like to see more of how my brian works when putting things together.

It's here if you fancy it:

I'll be back on Youtube tomorrow with the Kit reveal for all of you that missed it on the Facebook group! and then a couple of days later with my Kill the kit video for May!!

Its all go here at MTS headquarters.... We still have a couple of kits left for June if you havent bagged yours yet, jump on over to the shop and see i theres anything that you fancy xxx

By Emma & Di, May 8 2017 08:57AM

Good morning! Hope you all enjoyed NSD and got lots of scrapping/ crafting done this weekend :)

It's been a busy few weeks for Emma and I as we have been freshening ourselves up and bringing the business up to date on social media and all apps associated with it.

This is our home and where you all come to visit us as friends and customers so just like a home, it needs redecorating and sprucing up every once in a while! We've been here now for almost 2 years and although we loved our logo, as it was designed for us to launch ourselves, we felt it was time to bring it more up to date with where we are now and the trends of today.

Emma went to an event that the fabulous Sarah Cook was hosting, to promote mindfulness in business, and it prompted us to ask Sarah to help us use all of these resources to shake things up and re-market ourselves to a wider audience. Sarah introduced us to new apps and social media platforms that we weren't sure of/ knew much about and as you can see, we've taken all of this on board.

Emma and I have put our heads together and redesigned our logo, look and are working on a couple of other things whilst still maintaining our core values and keeping YOU, our customers, at the forefront of everything.

Sarah can be found on instagram at

By Emma & Di, May 1 2017 07:48AM

Good morning crafters....

Its MAY!!!! I hope you're all having a nice relaxed mornng without too much to do on this bank holiday Monday??

If you do happen to have a spare 10 mintues, why not take a visit to our Youtube channel and check out the latest entries. This morning I recorded a new unboxing video for the people who don't do facebook or may have missed the live feed that I did their showing off the new products.

You can find that here:

Its ten minutes long so make a cup of tea, treat yourself to a biscuit and enjoy ten minutes of peace to yourself, I'll let you :)

Let us kow what you think of the kits and of the videos.... Like the video, if you do? and subscribe to the channl so that you dont miss future videos that get uploaded.

Happy Scrappin'



By Emma & Di, Apr 30 2017 11:09AM

Good morning crafters.....

This afternoon, on the last day of April I just want to share my kill the kit video with you.

Here you can see the bits and pieces that I have left from my Kits and also the 10 pages that I've made with it.


heres the link for our Facebook group, should you want to visit, share your ideas and gain inspiration from our brilliant and friendly community.

Happy Scrapping,



By Emma & Di, Apr 20 2017 11:03AM

This is the latest layout that i've created using leftovers from the April kit. I hope you enjoy the process video.

This is the link to Ginger Williams blog post for the layout that I scraplifted:

and here is my finished layout:

Thanks for taking a look.

Happy Scrapping



By Emma & Di, Apr 17 2017 06:51AM

Good morning crafters!!

What a weekend its been here at MTS headquarters!

Yesterday brought the reveal of the Chinese whispers challenge that some of our regulars have been working on for the past 4 weeks... We each took a sketch of our choice and made our own version of it. Then we passed it ont the next person in our group, who did their version of it and so on and so forth until it came full circle back to us, which prompted the reveal!

This went incredibly well, there were no major hiccups, everyone felt inspired and completed their challenges and the layouts that were made from it are just amazing.

Today im going to share one groups pages with you as they are the ones that leapt out to me as being the ones who stuck so close to the original from start to finish.

So this was the layout that Melinda Gree chose to lift:

Gorgeous isnt it!! I love all of the mixed media layers and the textures are just perfect...

Then we move onto the AS STUNNING layout by Melinda Greer:

I Love how Melinda has added an extra photo and changed the layers up slightly but you can still see that its based very heavily on the original.

Now onto Lil Bowers:

Lil brings another colour change, which amuses me as its almost back to original colours! She added in slightly bigger embellishments and focal points and went back to one photo, without knowing it!!!

Last but not least we have the layout by Claire Thomas:

I love how Claire has ramped everything up in this version... the Stamp layers are more grungy, the stamping is bigger and more frequent, the circle is bigger.... knowing Ruth, the girl in the photo.. this BIG approch definitely responds to her BIG personality and not only that, but it reflects the theme of the page. Hearing music through your teeth is amazing, when you think of music you think loud, sometimes crazy and the fact that the title is Rock On you get that rock music feel from the grunge.

I think these ladies did an amazing job with this particular chinese whispers challenge, if you want to see everyone elses albums... and there are quite a few.... why not join us on our facebook group... We are starting a new chinese whispers challenge in the next week so sign ups will start from today. Feel free to jump in and join us, you wont be short on inspiration!!!

Important things to know this month:

* We have SOLD OUT of embellishment kits for APRIL but we do have just 1 mixed media kit left and a couple of April scrapbook kits.

So if you dont have yours but have been admiring everyone elses layouts made from it, then don't hesitate any longer!

* We have opened up places for the Mind the Scrap summer 12 hour crop!!!

If you want more details then these can be found on the shop page and you can order your place there by purchasing you ticket!!! places are limited so get in there soon. These events are always popular.

If you are travelling from further afield please remember that you will need to book a place to stay ASAP. The event is takign place on the same weeeknd as the Bristol Balloon fiesta, which means that you could combine the 2 things in one trip, the fiesta never dissapppoints.... but it also means that local travel lodges and premier inns fill up quite quickly!

* One last thing and its a personal request from myself and Di.

IF you have bought anything from us in the past and loved what you received, we would be very greatful if you could pop over to our Facebook business page and leave us a review.

If you havent already done so, please like and follow our page so that you can see all of the different inspiration that we post there.

Thats all for now , i hope you enjoy your bank holiday Monday and we will see you all soon



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