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Zoom tickets for 12 hour summer crop


On the 8th august I will be running a 12 hour online crop, via Zoom.

The tickets are £5 per person and include participation in the event, and the 7 challenges throughout the day. There will be prizes awarded and fun to be had alongside other like minded people from the comfort of your own home.

The event will run from 9am until 9pm, you will need an internet connection and access to a zoom account, which are free!

There will be seperate break out rooms, so that you can chat to others in a smaller capacity and discuss what you are working on, or just to have a laugh and to get to know differnt people from the scrapbooking community.

You will be added to the secret Facebook group when you sign up and all challenges and creations can be added there over the weekend. but will be accessible long after the event if you wih to catch up at a later date.